Tuesday, April 17, 2007


That's my new word of the day. It's the development of interpretations for a revelation. I'm writing about this because I'm watching it happen right in front of me, and it just kills me.

I have a family member who's engaged. She got engaged to this guy pretty quickly, following lots of personal revelation all around--to both parents, both lovers, friends of parents, etc. This included some of the "miraculous" simultaneous revelation that is so desirable. Amusingly, the one apostate in the crowd, yours truly, was getting his own revelation--Danger, Will Robinson! Of course, I wasn't wrapping mine in the pretty veneer of God-imbued knowledge, so it didn't get a lot of respect. The obvious signs of problems that I was seeing were being seen by everyone else; it's just that to them, GOD had spoken--relationship problems could be worked out after the marriage. I felt like I was watching a train wreck unfolding before my eyes. Call me Cassandra.

Well, last week the boy expressed serious reservations about going through with the impending wedding. Not, "I'm nervous about this big step," but "I don't think I love you," kind of reservations. The wedding's not officially off, of course, because my family member had it revealed to her that they should get married. But at least the parents have finally gotten off the bandwagon--how could you not when your daughter is talking about marrying a guy that "doesn't love her enough?"

But...there's this problem of the revelations. Enter, Evolation. This boy was important for you to be dating right now. But God couldn't have just told you that? God wanted you to think you were getting married. So God tells lies that sometimes really mess up your emotions? The boy has made an unrighteous decision to flout the revelation. So call him to repentance and insist on marriage? Etc. Etc. Those are all real statements I have heard. Let me add some of my own. You'll get married in 50-60 years, after your first spouses have passed away. You'll become one of his plural wives in the CK because your earthly husband will not attain sufficient power and priesthoods to keep you.

No credit to the secular humanist here, who applied his extremely limited EQ to identify that this was a match made in lustful attraction, not heaven.

What's really scary is that this family member still wants to marry him, based on her revelation. I'm hoping she receives some evolation, and soon.

Evolation is one of the great hurdles to seeing the supernatural for what it really is. It doesn't allow for any mistakes to be made in the revelation channel, simply misinterpretations. The great logical flaw here is that if you can so easily misinterpret a "spiritual prompting," how can you call it "knowledge?" Maybe you're misinterpreting that the Church Is True?


Anonymous ungewiss said...


(Wait, are we not really supposed to call you Cassandra?) I like your new word. I was going to come up with it myself, but God told me not to.

I see this happening all the time and I'm afraid it's made me cynical. I feel bad that every time I hear of a major decision being made by inspiration I cringe, but I've seen too many people stretching their realities to match "God's will" for them. I think the idea of "evolation" could be explored quite a bit more.

April 18, 2007 at 12:52 PM  
Blogger Sideon said...

Lovely word - it's apt and true.

June 4, 2007 at 1:56 PM  

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